LushPots Rescue Another Plant

This was another rescue plant. This plant was given to me by a family member who thought maybe I could nurse it back to life. I left it in the “self-watering pot” it came in (not a LushPot) and really didn’t see much growth or even healthy signs for the first 4 months. Finally, I bought a LushPot from our store and potted up this dying Janet Craig.

5 months later, this plant is doing incredible for a cast-away. You can see on top especially, lots of new growth and even some of the bottom stalks show beautiful growth. I have it by a window where it gets indirect sunlight from 6am to 6pm and that has been a huge help.

I’ve also been fertilizing once every month or so to make sure that the plant gets plenty of nitrogen in his diet. If there is a lack of nitrogen, the plant will siphon off nitrogen from old leaves to support new growth… this is one reason why a plant will shed leaves, for lack of nitrogen it it’s diet.

So, while it’s not as beautiful as the plants that have been in LushPots from the beginning, it goes to show that even that expensive plant that you think is just about dead, might be saved if you get it into a LushPot.

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