About LushPots

LushPots provide scheduled watering based upon the needs of the plant. The self-watering planter monitors the moisture content of the soil and allows the plant to receive the perfect amount of water.

Each pot is made up of three basic components: a moisture sensor tip, the water reservoir with top access/seal and an inside bottom irrigation opening. These three components work together to monitor the soil moisture and irrigate the plant using the water stored in the reservoir.

What They Do

LushPots use a proven, patented water-smart vacuum-sensor technology to precisely monitor the soil moisture level, irrigating the plant only when needed. It is the only planter available that actually turns on and off based on moisture levels.

The sensor tip is buried with soil packed tightly around it. As the soil dries, the sensor tip also dries. This allows an airflow which opens up the irrigation system from the bottom of the pot. Air replaces the water in the LushPot and the water flows up from the bottom of the container. When the water reaches the sensor tip it is absorbed, creating the vacuum seal, effectively turning off the pot.

How They Work

Plants provide amazing life to any environment. Sadly, so many shy away from using live plants in their decoration because it can be hard to keep plants alive. LushPots allow anyone to maintain healthy, green interior and exterior landscaping. The best part is when others begin asking, “who takes care of your plants?”

Indoor and outdoor LushPot self-watering planters are designed to work with nearly any plant. A variety of sizes will accommodate nearly every plant pot size from 6 inches all the way to industrial sized planters & greenery.